school-community-word-cloudThere are 2 types of committees: standing committees and special committees.

Standing committees carry on the work of the PTO on an ongoing, month-to-month basis. They attend monthly board meetings, or send proper information, vote and are counted in the quorum for board of director meetings.

Special committees are created to perform a special project and goes out of existence once the project has been completed; special committees are committees that may have one or two projects, programs, activities or events during a specific time period for the fiscal year; special committees are great committees for people to serve on who want to volunteer for the PTO but who cannot commit on an ongoing basis.



Audit Committee consisting of no more than three (3) members shall be appointed by the Executive Board at the end of the year. The audit committee shall review the books and records of the PTO and report to the PTO at a meeting at the beginning of the next school year. The President, Principal nor Treasurer may be a member of this committee.

Nominating Committee- This committee shall be comprised of the following:  The Parliamentarian (who shall serve as the chair of the Committee), a staff liaison and one other board member excluding President or Principal.

  • The nominating committee’s job is to promote the upcoming election, explain the requirements for the elected positions, reach out to potential candidates, accept nominations, and manage the actual election process. The nominating committee must be unbiased throughout its work and must be kept confidential.

Grade Parent and Volunteers

Prepares a Volunteer Form for the first-day packet. Collects completed forms, and compiles and distributes a volunteer list for each PTO committee.  Will participate actively in the carnivals, auction among other events.


Maintains hospitality supplies. Assists with special lunches, Holiday lunches (Christmas ) and Teacher Appreciation (held in early May). Helps with recruiting volunteers for these events.  Also helps with office decor around the holidays as  needed. 


The Beautification Committee is responsible for maintaining the outside grounds of Mangum Elementary.

“Grounds” refers to:

  • the entire area in front of the school including the main entrance
  • Big Tree playground,
  • left and right side grounds (*not including the designated garden areas)
  • behind the school including the smaller playground
  • the car line (round-about) area
  • Memory Garden area

“Grounds” does not include any area inside the school, the soccer/baseball field, or the front track area.

“Maintaining” includes but is not limited to:

  • Removing any trash and yard waste (sticks, leaves, etc.)
  • Weeding
  • Planting of flowers, vegetables, etc. (All planting should be approved by Beautification Committee Chair and Principal prior to start of project unless in *designated garden areas)
  • Reporting any areas in need of repair/updates to the Principal
  • Working with DPS Maintenance to ensure repair to any “grounds” areas
  • Removing any recycled materials stored outside the school

Specific Tasks to be performed during the school year include:

  • Decorating outside the main school entrance for fall in early October.
  • Cleaning/clearing second (school bus) entrance before the Turkey Trott in November.
  • Removing outside fall decorations after the Turkey Trott.
  • Decorating the outside main school entrance for Christmas in early December.
  • Removing outside Christmas decorations in early January.
  • Decorating the outside main school entrance for spring in early March.
  • Removing outside spring decorations as needed/before last day of school before summer break.

* Designated garden areas are current gardens supervised by teachers and staff.

** The Beautification budget is approved each year by PTO Board and use of all funds used must be approved by Beautification Committee chair.

Spirit Nights

This committee works with area businesses who donate back to Mangum! Chick-fil-a, Little Ceasars, Ricky’s, Moe’s, Mellow Mushroom, Texas Roadhouse, etc.  We want to expand to other areas this year! If you have a small business or know of someone who would like to help Mangum, please let us know!


Communications Coordinator

Maintains the PTO website. Updates the site regularly with information for Mangum  parents and PTO volunteers. Consults the PTO president on content.


*Computer knowledge and access necessary*

  1. Makes copies (get quantity from president) and attaches them to a #10 envelope stamped with “Mangum  PTO Membership” for inclusion in the first-day packet.
  2. Distributes form/flyer to the principal, vice principal and the teachers in their school mailboxes.
  3. Collects forms and dues, and creates an accurate computer file with all the members.
  4. Works with the treasurer to deposit funds.
  5. Provides one copy of the complete membership list to the communication chair and provides updates throughout the year.
  6. Reports at the monthly PTO meetings on the monies raised and the current membership count.
  7. Provides communications coordinator with the email addresses.  
  8. Compiles and maintains a list of e-mail addresses for Mangum families, to be used by the PTO president to distribute news and other information throughout the school year.



A special committee is a committee that is created to perform a special project and goes out of existence once the project has been completed; special committees are committees that may have one or two projects, programs, activities or events during a specific time period for the fiscal year; special committees are great committees for people to serve on who want to volunteer for the PTO but who cannot commit on an ongoing basis.

  • The board of directors may create special committees and shall specify the duration and duties of such committees.
  • The president shall appoint the chairs and members of special committees with the approval of the board.
  • Chairs of special committees  only attend board of director meetings when their committee work is in progress, do not vote and are not counted in the quorum for board of director meetings.
  • Chair delivers all PTO correspondence to the president for approval by president and principal prior to distribution to school, community or staff.


This is a committee that ALWAYS needs help! The President of the PTO is the head chair of this committee, but needs Special Committee Co-Chairs  for the following:

*Delivery of Go Play Save Books

* Not So Small Mall- requires several people

* Carnival

*Auction- requires several people

*Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear  /Apparel 

Coordinates sales and distribution of  spirit clothing. Explores ways to raise additional funds if needed to meet PTO budget.

Mangum Cares

An evening of music, wrapping and giving back to the community. A Mangum Tradition! Typically held in December.  Organize this event and participate in this event. 


Requires several people  This is a big fundraiser and we are hoping to make it even bigger This is a lot of fun but we need lots of people to help! We are also involving the grade levels to help run games, etc. Priority is to build community relations.

Not-So-Small Mall

This fundraiser requires several people. We turn the gym into a mall and people can shop til’ they drop! We will need someone to help with set up as well as running the concession stand.

Spirit Wear

Organizes the sale and distribution of school spirit wear


The Mangum  Auction is one  of the largest fundraisers of the year. The event is held during late winter or early spring and is typically an all family event. The event may include a live auction, silent auction and raffles. The most sought-after items include the ever-popular classroom artwork done by our very own children.

Square 1 Art

offers students the opportunity to turn a piece of artwork (done in art class) into a masterpiece! Student artwork can be transposed onto mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, note cards, etc. which are available for purchase. These items make great gifts. Volunteers promote the program, collect and tally orders, and distribute the items to students and their families.


Responsible for setting-up commission-based earning programs with participating merchants, widely publicizing and promoting those programs and administering & managing classroom contests.

  • Boxtops-VIC card
  • Kroger Rewards
  • Target
  • Goodsearch
  • Red Robin, etc.
  • Amazon Smiles

Collecting coke  tops has not proven to be worthwhile, so it is not suggested.

Media Center/Book Fair

Sets up a schedule of parent volunteers using the Media Center volunteer list. 

Committee Responsibilities

In addition to the specific responsibilities described below, chairpersons are asked to:

– Report at monthly PTO meetings.

– Write a brief article for the PTO newsletter.

– Keep a record of their activities in the committee notebook .

– Return the committee notebook  end of the school year.

If you have any questions about your committee, please contact the PTO president.